The functionality of a blind, but the beauty of a Sheer Fabric all in one!

Silhouette Window Shadings in New England

Hunter Douglas Silhouette window sheer shades are a beautiful manner in which to control your light in your home or business. They can manage your privacy and light at the same time with uniquely shaped S vanes that float between two sheer panels separate from each other to diffuse the light coming inside. When the vanes are tilted closed, you can block all the views from outside to inside your home or business.

This innovative orientation of a window shading product produces a beautiful glow behind the window treatments when closed to beautify any space. It can softly filter out brightness, glare and UV rays. The front and back sheers allow you to see outside clearly but block the view into your windows.

Silhouettes have a suite of exclusive fabrics in different colors and textures to match any décor you may have. They are of the highest quality products for the most discerning customers.

The Silhouette Duolite Shadings collection combines the light-diffusing properties, plus it incorporates a room darkening roller shade that is operated independently behind it for the best control over all of your incoming light. You can darken your room or allow it to have diffused light and the best part is that the Powerview Motorization operating system allows you to control your shadings to open and close on their own on a preset schedule to save you on energy costs all year round.