Roller Shades

No matter how you roll--casual, modern, farmhouse style, or anywhere in between--there's a custom roller shade to fit your decor seamlessly. You can layer roller shade window coverings in many colors, patterns, and textures that will fit any style for a unique product with your personality in mind.

Roller Shades in New England

Roller shades are fabric window shades that are mounted on a spring-loaded roller tube that is mounted above your window. They can be drawn up and down to control the amount of light that comes into a room. Roller shades are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to fit any décor. Roller shades are often confused with another type of window shade called Roman shades. The difference between the two is that the Roman shade doesn’t roll up discreetly and out of sight on a roller tube, but instead forms a stack at the top of the window to partially block your view when they are entirely opened. To operate a roller shade, you simply pull it vertically up or down until it reaches your desired height and it will lock in place. The shade can be pushed down to a fully extended position or completely retracted for easy window cleaning or when not in use.

Roller shades are popular in New England states for their clean appearance, versatility, and premium style. When they are retracted and fully open, they do not block any of your vision to the outside from the top of the window. Many homeowners and businesses choose to have a top treatment to cover the roller mechanism at the top of the window for a sleek and contemporary design while adding color, texture, and a focal point. They look equally as beautiful in a minimalist space as a stand-alone treatment as they do when layering them under drapery panels with traditional settings! It’s nice to be able to use these types of window coverings because you can decide on a fabric of choice to control the amount of light that enters your rooms.