Choosing Child-Safe Window Treatments for Your Kid’s Bedroom

One of the most important things in life is to make sure your children, grandchildren, and friends’ kids are safe when they are in your home. The odds are not extremely high, but there have been at least 332 children’s deaths in the past 30 years due to strangulation of them with window treatment cords. Modern window treatments are available in cordless versions that are child and pet safe. Don’t take a chance with a young person’s life.

Cordless Motorized Coverings for Windows

Motorized window treatments of all types are definitely safe and great features for all the windows in your home, or for your children’s rooms. There are actually a lot of choices in your types of window treatment solutions that can be motorized for convenience, and for safety measures. Read on to see all of your great options.

Affordable and highly Customizable Roller Shades

Roller shades are of a simple design with few items that can go wrong. They look like a flat piece of fabric when lowered, and when raised, they roll up onto a cassette above your windows to be out of sight. Choose from literally thousands of fabrics with different textures, patterns, colors, and themes to match any type of decor you may have.

Popular and Classic Roman Shades

Roman shades give your home a feeling of grandeur with their beautiful designs. Roman shades can be motorized to lift and lower with the touch of a button. You can choose from any type of fabric you desire. Thicker fabrics will be room darkening for great privacy and increased energy efficiency, and thinner fabrics will be light filtering when they are down. There are several styles of Roman shades to choose from, depending on how much drama and beauty you desire in a room. The soft fold style is very popular in formal settings, such as dining rooms. It shows folds of fabric both when it’s down and up for unmatched beauty.

Motorized Drapery Panels

If you choose custom drapery panels out of thick fabric, they can be cumbersome to open and close because of their weight. Motorization is available for draperies to make this a more innovative window covering solution and to relieve you of the stress of opening and closing them manually. You can simply touch a button on a remote control, or your Smartphone or ask your home assistant to open, close, and adjust your motorized drapery panels for you. Programming this type of window covering to be closed in the warmest parts of the day will save you valuable money on your cooling bill and the cordless version is child safe.

Gorgeous Indoor Shutters

Indoor plantation shutters have an unmatched beauty. They are the most popular cordless motorized coverings that you can find. You have many different options in styles, and you can have them painted or stained in any color you desire to match your decor seamlessly. Indoor shutters don’t have any cords at all, so they are child safe. You can open them entirely to see outside with an unobstructed view or close them and shut the louvers for ultimate privacy and heat control. If you want filtered lighting, just adjust the louvers to any angle that you wish to block some heat but still have some natural light in your indoor spaces.

Energy-EfficientHoneycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades or cellular shades can be a cordless motorized option for you. They trap air next to the windows in tiny cells that are sandwiched between two layers of fabric. The warm air won’t enter your indoor spaces in the summer, and the cold air won’t either in the winter. They are highly energy efficient and save you money all year round to pay for yourself in a short amount of time.

Choose The Experts in Your Area

At International Upright Systems, we are considered your premier window treatment specialist in the New England area. We have the most experience in the region with the nation’s leading manufacturers of high-quality window treatments of all kinds. Contact us so we can design something that is energy-efficient, child safe, and a work of art for you!

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