Why Choose Motorized Window Treatments for Hard-to-Reach Windows

A gorgeous set of window treatments can do wonders for any window’s visual appeal while giving you more control over your home’s natural lighting. Installing traditional blinds or shutters on hard-to-reach windows isn’t always ideal since it can make it difficult to open and close them. However, motorized window treatments are perfect for hard-to-reach windows and provide several benefits to you and your home.

That’s why our team at International Upright Services is here to teach you why you should consider a motorized window treatment for hard-to-reach windows.

International Upright Services is Boston’s motorized window treatment company. If you want to upgrade your Boston residence with first-class window treatments, IUS has you covered.

Three Reasons to Install Motorized Window Treatments on Hard-to-Reach Windows

Equipping out-of-reach or high windows with motorized window treatments provides more advantages than you might think. It can make opening and closing shades more convenient, enhances your home’s privacy, and much more. Below are just a few reasons to consider a motorized window treatment for hard-to-reach windows.

1. Superior Convenience

Opening and closing blinds on hard-to-reach windows is incredibly inconvenient and requires more effort than it should. Meanwhile, motorized blinds and shades give you complete control over your window coverings, allowing you to open and close them from the comfort of the couch. You won’t have to get up and stop your favorite TV show every time you need to close the blinds, thanks to our motorized window treatments.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

Natural light can drastically increase your home’s indoor temperature, causing your AC unit to work harder to maintain your interior climate. This can cause your energy payments to soar sky-high while putting unnecessary strain on your air conditioner. Motorized window coverings prevent harsh sun rays from entering your home, keeping your interior nice and cool throughout summer while making your home more energy-efficient.

Some models even allow you to set schedules for your window treatments, allowing them to open and close automatically during the hottest parts of the day. 

3. Improves Privacy

Many people don’t want to deal with the hassle of opening and closing hard-to-reach window treatments and leave them open throughout the day. However, this can significantly reduce your privacy, giving criminals an ideal place to scope out your interior. Motorized window treatments allow you to close blinds or shades on inconveniently placed windows with a press of a button, restoring your privacy without much effort.

Contact International Upright Services for Exceptional Motorized Window Treatments in Boston, MA

If you want a premium motorized window treatment for hard-to-reach windows but don’t want to pay excessively high prices, contact International Upright Services. We carry a wide variety of top-quality window coverings spanning dozens of enchanting colors, styles, and designs. Whether you want to install beautiful minimalist window treatments in your living room or want to rejuvenate your bedroom with lively-colored shades, IUS has something for you.

Give International Upright Services a call at (781) 767-4022 and upgrade your Boston home with first-class motorized window treatments today!

Bob Doolin

Bob Doolin

A leader in smart home technology, specializing in motorized window treatments, lighting controls, and automation solutions. Over 20 years of industry expertise.

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