Somfy Motorized Blinds & Shades Programming Guide

Somfy Motorized blinds and shades are much simpler to operate than most people think. They are also very reliable with strong motors on them that extremely whisper quiet, and you can program your Somfy motorized blinds and shades to open, close, and adjust on preset schedules to save money on your cooling and heating bills all year round, so they pay for themselves in a short amount of time. Follow these instructions to see how easy it is to program your window coverings in; your home.

Motorized Blinds and Shades Benefits

Motorized blinds and shades are convenience items that are customizable for all of your needs. You can choose from many styles, colors, textures, and colors while seamlessly matching your home decor. Motorization on blinds and shades gives you excellent lighting control with the press of a button to make your home energy efficient

Choosing thicker fabrics will be room darkening or choosing a lighter fabric will make it light filtering. You can adjust your blinds and shades to any height you wish, program pre-set scenes, and have time to enjoy your smart home.

Assign a Channel to the Remote Control

Your first step is to assign a channel to the remote control for your Somfy motorized blinds and shades. You press and hold both the up and down buttons simultaneously until the motor jogs with a short up or down movement of the motor.

Press the up button to ensure the window treatment moves upward when pressed and the down button to make sure it moves down when pressed. If it moves in the opposite direction of the button, then press the stop button for about 5 seconds until the motor jogs again and releases it, then re-check both buttons for the proper direction of operation.

Somfy Motorized Shades in Brookline

Set The Lower and Upper Limits

Move the shade to the lower limit that you prefer, which is usually at the bottom of the window frame, or it can be to the bottom of the wall with full-height windows or doors, and then release the down button. Press the stop button until the motor starts moving upward, then release it. Press the up button and hold it to set the upper limit of your Somfy motorized blinds or shades, and then release it. Press the stop button until it starts to move down, and then release the button. The motorized blinds or shades will move down on their own to your lower limit already set.

Store Your Lower and Upper Limits in the Memory

Press the stop button and hold it for five seconds until the motor jogs and releases the button. Your lower and upper limits are now stored in the memory of the motor. Press the program button with a paperclip and hold it for three seconds until the motor jogs once as a long jog. The program button is located on the back of a handheld remote control or the front of a wireless wall switch. You can now press the MY button for the Somfy blinds and shades to move to the upper or lower limit with only one button press.

Adding Another Remote or Channel to The Same Motorized Blinds or Shades

Press the programming button on the previously recorded remote control until the motor jogs. Select the new remote or RTS channel to add it to the motor’s memory and press the programming button on the additional remote until it jogs, then release it. The additional remote or channel will be added to the memory with the same upper and lower limits.

Deleting a Remote or Channel from The Motor's Memory

To delete a remote control or channel, press the program button on a previously recorded channel or remote control until the motor jogs on the remote or channel you want to keep in the memory. Select the remote or channel you want to delete and press the program until the Somfy blinds or shades motor jogs, and then release the button.

How To Program Your Somfy Motorized Blinds and Shades

Setting the Intermediate Stopping Point on MY Program

Press the up or down button to adjust your Somfy motorized blinds and shades to the intermediate stop position you want to record. Press the stop button for three seconds until the motor jogs, and then release the button.

Trust the Professionals for Motorized Blinds and Shades

At International Upright Services, we understand it can be difficult to embrace new technology for some people who aren’t very familiar with this type of smart device in their homes. 

We are here to help you integrate all of your smart devices, and we, not only design, create and install custom motorized blinds and shades for your luxury home, but we will also program them for you as a courtesy to make life easier for you. Contact us today to learn more about custom window treatments in Boston!

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