Smart Film

Smart Film gives you the design capability to install clear glass providing that open feel. Then with a flip of a switch, your windows can go from clear to frosted windows with full privacy.

Smart Film in NEW ENGLAND

Smart Film is an innovative product that was first introduced at quite a large price point to be able to change the opacity of your windows with the touch of a button. It was used mainly for large corporations and businesses, but now it is available at a much lower price point, so homeowners and small businesses can easily afford it. Smart Film is placed on a clear window, and you can control it with your Smartphone, a remote control, or iPad.

This solution doesn’t require you to replace your windows to get the light control you crave. It works by a digital shading technology to allow the film to change from transparent to non-transparent and save you valuable costs on your energy to heat and cool your business or home. When turned on, a current runs through the film to disperse liquid crystals and cause the light to disperse, creating an opaque state on your windows for complete light blocking and total privacy in just seconds.

Smart Film also adds a layer of privacy and security to your home or business as people passing by on the street can’t see into your windows and a thief will likely not choose your home or business because of this and move on to another target.