Innovations in Window Treatment Designs: From Classic to Contemporary Styles in Newport, RI

When it comes to window treatments, Newport residents have an array of options to choose from. The classic coastal style that Newport is known for typically utilizes relaxed and neutral tones, along with natural woods and fabrics like linen. However, the emergence of new styles, materials, technology, and customization has dramatically expanded design possibilities. Read on to learn about innovations in window fashions – from both timeless and trendsetting looks – that can elevate any Newport home.

Window Treatment

Some traditional styles will never go out of fashion. Classic wooden shutters and blinds made of materials like basswood and cedar have an enduring, casual elegance perfect for Newport homes. Basswood is a warm-toned wood that stains well, while cedar provides a pleasant aroma and natural insect repellence. For a lightweight feel, airy linen or cotton curtains that can be tucked back to reveal stunning ocean views are a quintessential choice. Linen is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and breathable.

Cotton provides fullness and a soft, cozy texture. Custom-woven woods like bamboo make for attractive and versatile shades. Bamboo is eco-friendly, renewable, and aesthetically pleasing, with its natural wood grain visible. Elegant draperies in soft neutrals or muted stripes paired with decorative hardware infuse Newport homes with timeless sophistication. Go for a coastal vibe with shell or bamboo hardware.

The Contemporary

While classical styles maintain popularity, Newport homes are also increasingly integrating more modern elements into their window treatments. Clean lines, bold patterns, and vivid pops of color lend windows a contemporary edge. Graphic black and white or metallic palettes instantly modernize. Metallic fabrics like faux silk infused with gold, silver, or copper threads inject some glam. Warm metallics like champagne and bronze complement Newport’s coastal setting.

High-tech motorized blinds operated by smart home systems provide both privacy and panoramic views at the touch of a button. Motorization allows for convenient control from anywhere. Eco-friendly options like bamboo shades, hemp drapes, and reclaimed wood blinds allow Newport residents to keep up with the latest in green design fashionably. Hemp has antimicrobial properties, while reclaimed wood gives windows a rustic, modern look.

Mix and Match

Don’t feel confined to just one style or material! The patterned drapes in the living room can differ from the bamboo shades in the bedroom. Mixing metals like brass, silver, and copper can add an intriguing dynamic. Incorporating both breezy linens and cozy cottons allows you to customize room-by-room. Combining classic neutrals with modern bolds keeps the aesthetic fresh and multidimensional. The interior architecture of your Newport home can be amplified with a mix of complementary window treatment styles.

Customization is Key

To truly maximize the form and function of any window treatment style, customization is key. Newport homeowners can select customized features like blackout linings for light control, insulating fabrics to improve energy efficiency, motorization for convenient operation of drapes and shades, and perfect sizing for an impeccable fit unique to each window.

Oversized treatments can billow elegantly, and tailored treatments can hug windows neatly. Custom hardware and top treatments add designer details. Finials, corbels, holdbacks, and decorative rods upgrade your treatments. Local professional installers can flawlessly fit any customized window treatment solution to your Newport home for a polished finish.

With this wide range of timeless classics, trends, and customization options available, Newporters can always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to styling the windows of their coastal homes. Reach out to a professional like International Upright Services to explore innovations in window treatments that align with your personal style and meet the distinctive needs of your Newport home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some classic treatments commonly seen in Newport are wooden shutters, linen or cotton curtains, woven wood shades like bamboo, and neutral-toned draperies with decorative hardware. These timeless styles complement Newport’s coastal aesthetic.

Contemporary options like sleek motorized blinds, bold patterns and colors, metallics, and eco-friendly materials allow Newport homes to integrate modern flair in their window styling.

Absolutely! Mixing complementary styles and materials allows you to create depth and visual interest. Classics can be paired with contemporary metals and patterns, for example

Play and Innovate Through Window Treatments

The possibilities for innovatively styling the windows of your Newport home are endless. From charming classics to contemporary trends and the ability to customize treatments to your exact specifications, you can always keep your home’s window design looking timelessly fresh. Consult a professional like International Upright Services to explore the many innovations in window fashions that can elevate your Newport home.

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