Large Window Solutions: How Motorized Roller Shades Enhance Your Space

If your New England home features large, beautiful windows, you likely want to showcase views of the outdoors while managing light and privacy. With expansive openings spanning walls or even entire rooms, adequately covering them can be challenging. This is where high-quality motorized roller shades truly shine!

Motorized roller shades are window solutions perfect for dramatically large windows in modern residences. Offering sunlight management, privacy control, and hands-free convenience through smart home integration, they beautifully enhance spaces with big windows.

Key Benefits of Motorized Roller Shades

Motorized roller shades provide unique advantages over other window treatments when tackling substantial openings

Automated Light & Privacy Control

With motorization, shades easily roll up and down at the touch of a button. Automate them to respond to schedules, sensors, voice commands, and other smart home triggers. Enjoy daylight when desired and blackout darkness or privacy when needed, all with total convenience. Motorized shades allow you to control multiple shades in unison with centralized control systems for whole-home automation.

Stylish Modern Design

Available in a range of rich fabrics from screen materials to blackouts, today’s roller shades are elegant and contemporary. Sleek minimalist housings cleanly integrate the motorization technology with a streamlined, unobtrusive aesthetic perfect for modern interiors. Motor housings and hardware come in various colors and finishes to coordinate with any room’s decor. When shades are fully raised, the compact cylindrical roller and sleek fascia offer an attractive transparent look.

Customization for Unique Spaces

Motorized roller shades can be made in extra-wide dimensions to cover even the largest expanses of glass. With custom-programming controls, split draw applications on multisection windows, and options like side channels, these systems are highly customized for one-of-a-kind spaces.

Motorized Roller Shade FAQs

Still, have some questions? Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about motorized roller shades.

Most motorized shades come with a remote, allowing you to directly control them with the touch of a button. Many systems also pair with home automation platforms, allowing voice, smartphone, sensor, and scheduled control. Professional installation ensures everything connects properly for easy operation.

Motorized roller shades are available in light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics. Automate them to raise and lower at set times to control sunlight. Set custom positions to get the right amount of daylight for daytime activities or movie viewing while preserving your outdoor views.

Yes! Motorized roller shades create insulation barriers over glass when closed. Optimize automated settings to regulate sunlight and temperature. Lower shades on hot, sunny days or during cold seasons to help reduce heating/cooling costs. Close them at night for added efficiency.

Optimizing motorized shades by setting automated schedules is key to maximizing energy savings. Programming them to close halfway at midday in summer, fully close on the hottest afternoons, and fully open on winter days with sunlight can maintain ideal indoor temps while reducing HVAC runtime. Occupancy sensors also allow shades to open and close based on whether rooms are occupied.

So in both hot and cold weather, the proper use of shades significantly cuts down on heating and cooling costs. By regulating sunlight and insulation, they create more efficient indoor environments year-round. Homes and offices seeking to improve energy efficiency would benefit greatly from installing motorized roller shades on windows.

Enhance Your Unique Space with Custom Motorized Shades

As the premier window treatment experts across Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, North Oxford, Fort Lauderdale, and Mashpee, IUS specializes in motorized roller shades scaled to match generously sized windows. Our professional installers will beautifully transform your living space with custom-programmed automated shades.

IUS offers hundreds of fabrics to complement your vision, whether you prefer subtle light filtering, vibrant colors, or room-darkening blackouts. With quiet motors, durable construction, intuitive controls, and premium craftsmanship, our shades will provide easy automation and visual elegance for years.

Let us help you realize the possibilities for your home! Contact IUS today at (781) 767-4022 for a free design consultation and estimate.

Bob Doolin

Bob Doolin

A leader in smart home technology, specializing in motorized window treatments, lighting controls, and automation solutions. Over 20 years of industry expertise.

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