Motorized Insect Screens: Installation & Efficiency Guidelines

During the height of summer, excessive sunlight can cause your home to overheat. While window shades effectively block out all sunlight, they can obscure your view and block more light than is necessary to keep your home cool. Outdoor motorized screens offer a convenient compromise by giving you the power to control the amount of sunlight entering your home while still providing a view of the outdoors.

Solar insect screens are outdoor fixtures to block out the sunlight and heat before it even reaches your windows, thereby keeping the inside of your home much cooler.

These types of screens mount outside of your home on a frame. With just the mere touch of a button, you can open and close them with the heavy-duty motor. They block heat and sunlight from entering your home and give you a cooling, shady place outdoors to lounge or entertain.

When evening falls, and insects start buzzing around, the solar screens perform an additional duty of keeping them away from you and your guests for a comfortable outdoor area.

The special fabric allows you to see outside clearly but doesn’t allow others to see through the screens to give you privacy.

Benefits of Solar Insect Screens for Residential and Commercial Properties

When sunlight touches a window, the glass in the window increases the heat and intensity of the UV rays from the sun. This can make your indoor spaces very hot in the summer. In addition, The glare caused by the sun can also make it challenging to view computer screens, phones, and TVs. As a result, excessive sunlight can make indoor spaces uncomfortably warm, and decrease work efficiency by causing eye strain.

Below are some ways solar screens can benefit residential and commercial spaces:

  • Decrease ambient temperature
  • Control glare
  • Increase privacy
  • Provide shade
  • Lower cooling costs
  • Passive cooling option
  • Blocks UV light

While sunscreens are an excellent option for preventing glare and keeping your home cool, here are several other options you may want to consider:

  • Awnings
    An extension of your roof, awnings provide a canopy on the exterior of your home, shading windows from direct sunlight.
  • Shutters
    Shutters provide a physical barrier that blocks the sun’s direct rays, reducing the amount of light entering an indoor space.
  • Shades
    Shades help by screening out excess sunlight, blocking UV rays, and lowering indoor temperatures.

How IUS Can Help

IUS experts are trained professionals equipped to help you with solar shading. With years of experience in the field, IUS knows what it takes to keep your home cool and glare-free and we will help walk you through the steps to installing solar screens for your home. Give IUS a call today at (781) 767-4022.

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