Six Factors Affecting Motorized Blinds Installation Cost

What Are Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds are a modernized, upgraded version of traditional household blinds. People use remote controls to activate an electrical component that moves the blinds up and down as needed. Understandably, convenience and ease of use make motorized blinds an appealing choice.

IUS is Boston’s motorized window treatments service of choice. Here, the team discusses six main factors that affect the motorized blinds installation cost so that you can make a better decision on how to choose the right motorized blinds for your home.

Factors Affecting Motorized Blinds Installation Cost

#1 Window Size

Window coverings use specific materials, and purchasing more of these materials to cover a larger window requires more money. Be sure to ask experts like IUS for the typical rates per square foot for the material you like so that you can budget accordingly or save money by choosing a lower-cost material. Making the decision to only install blinds on smaller windows helps as well.

#2 Shade Type

The material type directly affects the installation costs of motorized blinds. Budget-friendly shades may be quite cheap per drop. However, luxury models command a hefty price tag of up to twenty times more.

With greater cost comes greater possibilities for customization, though. Blackout fabrics, heat insulation shades, translucent shades: there’s sure to be something you’ll love.

#3 Power Source

Motorized blinds use either batteries or hard wiring. Purchasing antennas and other equipment will make hard wiring a more expensive option, at least at first. But you’ll enjoy more consistent and simpler operations in the long run.

Purchasing battery-powered blinds reduces your upfront costs. However, replacing those batteries on a regular basis may eat away at your budget. 

Motor costs vary as well, affording a greater degree of flexibility. For example, Luxury brands such as Lutron may charge more but provide better motors.

#4 Number of Windows

Blinds costs will vary depending on how many windows you wish to cover. Each window requires its own motorized blind fitted and ready to go, so the system costs add up. Consider taking advantage of a lower cost per unit by purchasing blinds in bulk.

#5 Choice of Finishings

Blind installation costs typically include your choice of finishings or extra features that enhance unit aesthetics and performance. For example, bottom finishings upgrade the lower portion of motorized shades with additional fabric or a sleek exposed portion. End brackets can cover the rollers’ ends with a unique garnish.

#6 Service Costs

The price range of motorized blind installation also changes with your provider. For instance, professionals will adjust their rates for the type of blinds, the project’s difficulty level, and the number of windows. The right team will help you save money and also provide peace of mind about your new window treatments’ performance.

Boston’s Finest Motorized Blinds Experts

IUS shines as a go-to choice for window treatments in Boston and beyond. If you want modern, beautiful window treatments, our extensive inventory has styles and brands for everyone. Learn more about the benefits of motorized blinds or ask us how we can minimize your motorized blinds installation cost by calling (781) 767-4022 today.

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