Mixing Roman Shade Styles for a Playful, Eclectic Look

Color, texture, shape, and finish are important in bringing a room’s design together. Eclectic style interior design incorporates elements from several different styles and periods. This style is fun and playful where everything doesn’t necessarily match with each other, but they can be mixed and matched with some cohesiveness in your home.

Roman shade styles can be mixed from one room to another, even in the same room, and still look great. Read on to find out how to master this style.

The Eclectic style is fun and playful, and it focuses on mixing items instead of matching them. It’s an individualized style that varies from one person to another, and you can change some of the decor if you want to at any time to freshen up your design. You can let your innovation and creative juices flow when incorporating this type of design into your home.

Using multiple types of fabrics with solid colors and patterns in different textures can enrich your decor. To define your color scheme, choose multiple hues and one neutral color to anchor your spaces. While your color palette can vary considerably, sticking to a few neutral colors is recommended to connect all the other elements in the room.

Eclectic Style

Follow The Three Main Features of Eclectic Style

When you follow the three main features of eclectic style, you will be successful in creating a mesmerizing and fun area.

1. Mixing Different Elements

Mix patterns, prints, and textures can be used together to create an interesting and dimensional style. Although these items would not usually be combined, they work fluidly with each other to build a unique foundation of interest.

2. Mixing Modern and Traditional Elements

Mix different time periods of decor together, such as a vintage intricately carved piece of furniture with other minimalist items in bright metal hues. You can mix a modern style bathroom and add accent pieces from the French Renaissance period. Layered shades also look great in an uplifting room.

3. Curate it Carefully

Eclectic interior design may look a bit haphazard and like it was all just thrown together. However, interior designers carefully add the individual items to make it all work together. Usually, there will be a theme or element to tie everything together, such as a texture or a focal point of your choosing. You can combine traditional style and contemporary style with minimalist design if you please.

Large Windows Are a Delight

If you have some large windows, then make them the highlight of your room as a focal point. Choose a bright-colored print or bold patterns with a theme in them for your flat-fold Roman shades for a classic look. It can be bright bluebirds in your kitchen, multicolored florals, or any other theme you like. Then build the rest of your room on it. Use some of the bright colors on throw pillows or accent rugs in the same room.

If there are two or more windows in a room, choose a different Roman shade style, such as a hobbled fold or relaxed fold in a solid color, to tie the two windows in together without matching them perfectly.

Dressing Adjacent Windows

Bedrooms will often have two windows adjacent to each other in two different sizes and shapes. One may be a rectangle and the other can be a smaller square window. You can put balloon shades in the smaller window and in the larger one you can echo the same pattern and colors with drapery panels. Or choose a pattern for one of the windows and a solid color for the other. 

Stunning Top Treatments

You can choose asymmetrical top treatments for a modern look in a solid color to add to brightly colored or patterned shades to your windows. A window scarf that hangs lower on one side than the other or a balloon top treatment can add some softness to your spaces to combat the hard and straight lines of the flooring and furniture.

Two Patterns on One Roman Shade

Choose a pretty print with color in a rather large print size as your main fabric for your Austrian shade or London shade, and then add a striped pattern on the bottom using the same colors. You can also add a scalloped bottom for more excitement and flair.

Use Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are opposite from each other on the color scale. When combined, they look extremely bright and vibrant. Some great combinations for the eclectic look are pale yellow and lavender, orange and blue or mint and peach. If your window doesn’t get a lot of light and heat in it, consider sheer fabric options with neutral colors and add more pops of color around the room.

If your paint is one of these colors, choose the other for your window treatments and also add some accent pieces that echo that color. Instead, you may choose two very bright colors and use one for the Roman shade and the other for a valance at the top of the window for more interest and depth.

Align Your Window Treatments

Mix and match window treatments and Roman shade styles in any manner you want, but be aware that they should all be hung at the same height in one room. If you are using inside mount Roman shades on one window, don’t use the outside mount on another in the same room because this looks like it’s a mistake. Similarly, if the top of one window is covered, the top of the other should also be, to avoid making the entire room look asymmetrical. This can be easily solved by hanging all your window treatments at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling, which also makes your rooms look larger.

Kitchen Romans add softness to room

Mixing and matching Roman shade styles is pretty easy to do, and if you aren’t satisfied with a combination you come up with, you can easily just change it. Eclectic design is often changed out with the seasons, including the window treatments to keep your home fresh and fun.

If you’re looking for great quality Roman Shades for an eclectic entranceway, bedroom, or any other room in your house, be sure to check out Integrated Upright Systems‘ selection of Roman shade styles. Our products are made with the highest grade materials, offering various types of shades so you can create a unique, stylish, and visually pleasing look.

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