Lutron Shades: An Insiders Take On These Window Treatments

The Palladiom shading system by Lutron is where beauty meets lighting control for your home or business. The exquisite fabrics look lovely in any window with a beautiful appearance in an extremely streamlined package when viewed from all angles with no fascia or pocket needed. Read on to learn more about the virtues of Lutron shades.

Lutron harnesses the power of lighting control on your innovative Smart shades. Lutron revolutionized homes over two decades ago as the leader in motorized window coverings. It includes a Smart hub where you can set custom commands for a single shade or a bank of shades to open, close, and adjust on a time schedule. Never will you forget to close your shades at night for privacy or open them in the morning for some natural daylight in your home. 

Lutron Shades and Controls

You can otherwise override a pre-set program to open or close your Lutron Palladiom shades at the touch of a button on a wall control, a handheld remote control, or on your tablet or laptop as well as with your Smart phone. All of these applications are available in the free Lutron app for complete control over your lighting.

Remote Control

Benefits and Drawbacks of Lutron Shades

There are actually no drawbacks to Lutron shades, although there are many benefits for homes in their window treatments and services.

Other manufacturers of shades may try to conceal the technology that powers their automated shade systems, but Lutron discovered how to proudly feature it showing how the inner workings are just as beautiful as the lovely fabrics of your choosing. The downplayed installation without covers or visible mountings honors the integrity of your architectural beauties in your windows so as not to draw attention from them, but to beautify and highlight them.

The brackets are machined into a single structure that you can slide open to reveal your programming buttons with LED lights. Palladiom shades are the highest quality of modern window treatments available for luxury homes.

Choose your mounting position for a specific appearance with an over the window frame mounting, on the window frame, or inside mounted in the window frame for the sleekest appearance. Inside mounts trick the eye into thinking that the shades are floating in the air because of the structural tube position.

Lutron motorized window treatments are deemed the quietest on the market for heard but not seen technology in the most sophisticated homes for homeowners who expect world-class performance out of their custom window treatments in Boston.

graber skylight shades Lutron roller shade

Accessories for Lutron Shades

Choose your fashionable end, center, and jamb brackets from a finely polished finish such as satin nickel, clear anodized, black anodized, or pure white to match the decor in your home seamlessly and complement it.


You can also choose to display the bottom rails of aluminum to show off the metallic finishes, or you may choose to have them wrapped in a matching fabric to the shade material. When you raise the shades, the hem bars slide behind the

shade itself to disappear from sight while being tucked away safely.

Lutron ties into Amazon Alexa

How To Install Lutron Shades

The installation process for Lutron Palladiom shades is quite complex because of the motorization of the product. You will need to assemble the wiring harness by inserting it into the drive bracket and tucking it inside. Install the male terminal block on the opposite end by attaching the conductors by color and number according to the assembly diagram.


You will then connect the power supply cable on the female terminal block according to the color and using the diagram included. Tuck the connectors and excess cable into the wire housing.


Next, you mount the shade brackets on the ends, center, and the jamb with the included screws making sure that the brackets are all level with each other for proper operation of the shades.


Open the finishing rings and place them over and around the brackets, then hang the shade on the brackets on the idler end first and then the opposite end.


If you are considering new window coverings and want a motorized version that is beautiful and operates efficiently as well as quietly, the Lutron system is the perfect product for you. These products are beautifully hand crafted, made of premium fabrics, and custom fit for all of your windows with whisper-quiet operation.

At International Upright Services, your premier window treatment store in Boston, we offer the widest variety of window treatments from the top manufacturers in the country.

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