Upgrade Your Home’s Look with Light Filtering Roman Shades

Window treatments of all types can transform your home like a mini-makeover at a nominal fee. Choose from thousands of fabric options and different styles, and add other items to layer them for a special treat in any room of your home. You have many options in Roman shades for beautiful, soft window treatments that are classic and timeless. Read on to find out how versatile custom light filtering Roman shades can  transform your home.

Manual Roman Shade

Light filtering Roman shades come in several different styles from which to choose. Decide if you want to add window treatments that are subtle or a style that commands the attention of all who enter a room.

Flat-Front Roman Shade

The most subtle style is the flat front Roman shade which appears like a flat piece of fabric when it’s down while controlling your privacy, and when raised, it makes horizontal folds at the top of the window. It is the most common style that homeowners love for their elegant but simple design. This style is the least expensive because it uses less fabric, and many homeowners choose to add drapery panels on each side as a decorative touch.

Relaxed Roman Shades

Relaxed Roman Shades are basically the same as the flat front style, but they have a curve in the bottom when you open them that appears like a smile for extra softness. This style works well for informal rooms and for any decor style you have in your home.

Balloon Roman Shades

Balloon Roman shades are very casual, with two or more balloons of fabric at the bottom of the shade when you raise them for light control. Choose this shade style for modern, farmhouse, and coastal decor styles with a touch of softness.

Hobbled Style

The hobbled style looks like a waterfall when you raise the shades, which works very well in formal dining and living rooms to add class and charm. This style works well with traditional farmhouse and cottage decor.

Soft-fold Roman Shades

Soft fold Roman shades have a rippling effect down the length of the material to show folds both when they are down and up. This style is popular with contemporary decor styles in your home.

Choosing Your Fabric

Your fabric of choice will determine how your light filtering Roman shades will look in your windows with your style and design. Some of the most common fabrics used in fabricating these shades are cotton, polyester, a cotton and polyester blend, rayon and linen blends, rayon and viscose blends and polyester and nylon blends. Each of these types of material options work very well to hold their shape and keep the integrity of the design for many years to come.

The thinner your fabric of choice is, the more light you will get in your indoor spaces when the shades are closed to be light filtering. For a bedroom, you should choose a fabric that blocks out light and gives you more privacy, or consider adding a liner to it. For other rooms in your home, such as living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms, filtered natural sunlight makes your spaces seem larger because they are brighter. Roman shades in light filtering fabrics tend to allow a soft glow in your home for a cozy and charming feel.

Choosing your Fabric Texture

The texture of your fabric makes a big difference to the overall aesthetics of any room with light filtering Roman shades. Choose a smooth fabric for a modern appearance to match your decor style, or textured fabrics for more traditional styles.

Choosing Colors and Patterns

When deciding on the colors and patterns of your light filtering Roman shades, keep in mind how the rest of the decor in your spaces will interact with it. For example, if you have a mainly neutral-colored room, then choosing a bright solid color or a cheerful print will make your windows the highlight of the room. In this case, your window coverings can be the focal point of your room.

If you have several color combinations in a room, it’s best to choose one of the colors and echo it in a solid color in your window treatments so as not to overwhelm the space. This brings balance and continuity to the room, and it allows your other furnishings to take center stage. Instead, you can choose a neutral color for your window coverings.

Choosing The Operation Method

You also have options when it comes to how your light filtering Roman shades are operated. You can choose a corded method, the cordless option, a continuous loop control or motorization, of which the last three are all children and pet safe with no dangling cords to harm them. 

Choosing custom Roman shades for your lighting control in your windows gives you a multitude of options to make your window coverings truly your own. Enjoy the softness and beauty, energy efficiency, and many different styles and colors to match any decor in your home seamlessly. Roman shades offer easy installation in a short amount of time, so you can enjoy them quickly.

If all this sounds like something you would love for your own home and lifestyle, check out the light filtering Roman shades from Integrated Upright Systems today.

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