6 Reasons to Invest in Motorized Patio Screens

Patios are prized locations for any homeowner lucky enough to have one. These outdoor gathering spots are perfect for enjoying quiet space and fresh air alone or bringing friends and family together. Unfortunately, between the many harsh conditions, the outdoors throws our way, patios aren’t always useable.

One way to maximize the appeal and usefulness of your patio is with motorized outdoor screens. Specifically, there are six reasons a motorized outdoor screen will prove to be a worthy investment that makes your patio more enjoyable and your outdoor time more relaxing.

Easy to Use

Spending time in your outdoor space should be about fun and relaxation. Motorized patio screens let you focus on those ideals by protracting and retracting with a simple button press. Rather than standing and fumbling with a screen crank, interrupting your quality time in the process, your screen system will automatically block direct sunlight or allow fresh air breezes at your request.

Protection against Insects and UV Rays

Nothing ruins time in an outdoor space quicker than a swarm of bugs or inclement weather. Even on a warm day with clear skies, overexposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays will make you want to run back inside.

Too much UV sunlight leads to sunburn and even skin cancer in extreme cases. In addition to those potential dangers, relentless swarms of bugs only add to outdoor annoyances. However, a motorized screen for your patio will protect you from whatever mother nature sends your way.

A quality screen system will allow sunlight while blocking annoying glare or harmful UV rays.  Similarly, motorized patio screens shield you and your guests enough to protect your patio from bugs while being light enough to allow plenty of fresh air to enter.

At IUS, you can also find dedicated, high-quality motorized insect shades that protect you from pests.

Long-Lasting and Easy to Clean

Awnings and permanent patio shades spend their entire lifespan in the elements, soaking up the continuous sun in the warm seasons and rain in the autumn. Because of this, you’ll need to repair or replace these outdoor fixtures frequently. Frequent repair and replacement are not as necessary with motorized patio screens; they retract when you don’t need them; therefore, you can avoid repeated fixes brought on by inclement weather.

Additionally, because you’re tucking away your motorized screen system when you don’t need it, you’re sparing it from constant exposure to dirt and debris. That means your screen will require less cleaning and will be easy to wash whenever you do need to clean it.

Electricity Savings

Many homes have glass doors or prominent windows that look out toward their patio. Although the patio is an outdoor space, if it lacks proper protection, it will permit sunlight and warm temperatures into your indoor areas through the glass.

Investing in a motorized patio shade that blocks direct sunlight will keep your house cooler during the year’s warmest days. With that extra layer of protection, you won’t need to use your air conditioning as often, thus cutting down your electricity bill.

Year-Round Outdoors Time

Motorized patio screens are excellent climate control tools. They keep the harsh sunlight and warm air from entering your outdoor area in the summer and keep the warm air from your home from escaping off the patio in the winter. With those insulation benefits, you’ll be comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperature, leaving you more motivated to spend time outside.

Visual Enhancements to Your Outdoor Space

Motorized outdoor screens come in several colors, fabrics, and styles. So, when you install them on your patio, you’ll be adding a splash of color and overall visual enhancement to your outdoor area.

Regardless of what color and screen material you select, the screen will not obstruct your view of your backyard, thanks to its light, mesh design.

In Conclusion

High-quality motorized outdoor screens make your patio visually stunning, temperature-controlled, year-round attractions that also save you time and money. And for the widest selection of durable, effective, competitively priced outdoor screens in the Northeast, look no further than IUS.

Call IUS today at (781) 358-8816 to learn more about our selection and installation services.


Bob Doolin

Bob Doolin

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