How Long Do Batteries Last in Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds are a luxurious alternative to manual blinds. If you’ve been considering motorized shades, but you still have some lingering questions, like how long do batteries last in motorized blinds, it’s time you get the answers to these questions. 

Take the modern approach to your window treatments with motorized blinds and shades that let you completely customize your home. The professional team at IUS has put together a list of advantages and design options and discusses the battery life of motorized blinds. 

Advantages of Motorized Blinds

Motorized window treatments use motors to move your shades, shutters, or blinds. Motorizing blinds and shades allow you to operate your windows from practically anywhere, controlling your motorized window treatments with a remote or app and a charged battery. 

If you’re wondering if these blinds are worth the price, the answer is evident due to the numerous benefits below. 

1.  Easy Operation

What’s easier than pressing a button and closing your shades? This level of ease is a fantastic feature for those with mobility issues and busy homeowners who want total control of privacy in their homes. 

2.  Increased Energy Efficiency 

Motorized blinds can help you save money on energy bills. You can program your shades to be open or close at specific times during the day to block out the sun, preventing you from constantly running your AC.

3.  Plenty of Design Options

Choosing motorized blinds that fit your style is critical to getting great window treatments. Motorized shades and blinds come in many designs, styles, and textures for the perfect complement to your home. 

Battery Life Expectancy of Motorized Blinds

If you’re still wondering exactly how long do batteries last in motorized blinds, there is no one clear-cut answer. Every homeowner uses their motorized blinds at different rates, leading to variations in the battery charge.

However, some factors that can affect the battery life are the weight of the shades, the size of the window, and the type of battery. Heavier shades use more battery power, leading to a battery life that drains more quickly. 

Finally, the type of battery is a significant component of your battery’s life expectancy. Always choose high-efficiency batteries, like lithium batteries, which work much longer than their alkaline counterparts. 

Replacing Batteries

Replacing batteries for motorized blinds is just as simple as any other appliance. Simply pop off the back of the power source, remove the old batteries, and replace them with new ones. However, if you need assistance, let a professional help complete the task.

If using batteries is too frustrating for you, there are ways to get motorized shades that do not use batteries for power. Be sure to speak with a professional window treatment expert to consider whether battery-operated or electric motors are better for your home. 

If you’re still wondering how long do batteries last in motorized blinds or want to learn more about motorized shades benefits, contact the IUS team of window treatment experts today at (781) 767-4022!

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