How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

Many property owners in the New England area wonder: how do motorized blinds and shades work? These window coverings provide you with the same benefits as standard shades and blinds but offer you an extra level of convenience, as you can move them up and down with the push of a button.

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The Functions of Motorized Blinds

Motorized (or electric) blinds have an electric motor. This motor can automatically raise or lower the blinds or shades. In some cases, the engine can also change the tilt of the blinds, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters a room.

Motorized blinds and shades usually have fewer cords hanging off of them than standard window coverings, making them safer for homes with pets or young children. Many of them also have a remote control, allowing you to adjust your electric blinds from across the room.

There are several significant types of motorized blinds, as outlined below.

Battery-Powered Motorized Blinds

Battery-powered blinds usually come with a battery tube. Depending upon the model of your blinds, you may find this tube:

  1.  In the shade
  2.  Placed on the wall
  3.  Tucked behind the shade



Battery-powered blinds work even if your power goes out. However, eventually, the batteries run out, and you either have to recharge them or change them to maintain the functionality of your window coverings.

Hard-Wired Motorized Blinds

You may also select a motorized shade that plugs directly into an outlet. We recommend this option if you use heavy blinds, as lifting heavy blinds wears out batteries quickly. These blinds only work while you have power and feature an unsightly cord. However, you do not have to change batteries with this option.

Solar-Powered Motorized Blinds

Finally, you may want to consider solar-powered blinds. These blinds have a rechargeable battery that absorbs energy from the sun via a solar panel. However, these blinds generally gain enough power to open and close your blinds once a day, so they may only work in certain situations.

However, solar-powered blinds can help you avoid energy expenditures for your blinds, allowing you to avoid changing batteries.

How to Choose the Best Motorized Blinds for Your Home

Now that we’ve answered the question “how do motorized blinds and shades work,” we can focus on choosing the right window coverings for your home. You may want to ask several questions to narrow down your choices, including:

  1. Do you already have solar power functionality in your home?
  2. Could you easily reach the battery tube if you get a battery-powered option?
  3. Would you save more money by changing batteries regularly?


Once you decide on the type of motorized blinds you want, you have other choices, like color and style. For example, you may select wood, faux wood, vinyl, or fabric window coverings. Fabric blinds are generally lighter, making it easier for a motor to lift them.

We also recommend focusing on the sound quality for different blinds. Some options make more noise than others, which may be a deciding factor for some property owners in New England.

Are Motorized Blinds Worth the Cost?

Motorized blinds allow you to push a button to adjust your window coverings to your wishes. However, they cost more during installation and require energy to function. Depending upon the style of blinds you buy, you may see your electric bill go up, or you may have to buy batteries regularly.

Only you can decide if motorized blinds are worth the cost for your property. However, many people find them worth it, especially if they have:

  1. Hard-to-reach windows that are otherwise difficult to adjust
  2. Solar power already set up for their home
  3. Concerns about security or privacy


You can often set up motorized blinds to open and close at specific times, even if you are not home. These blinds connect to Smart home systems around your property, which allows you to make it look like someone is home when you’re away.

Automating the process also allows you to keep the sun out of your house at certain times of day, which may help lower your energy expenses by moderating the temperature in your home. Learn more about the benefits of motorized window treatments by reaching out to us today.

Get More Information About Motorized Blinds in New England

How do motorized blinds and shades work? They use a motor to move, giving you convenient options for controlling your window treatments. Our team at IUS can provide more information about motorized possibilities for your home or business. Find out more by calling us at (781) 767-4022.


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