Getting to Know About Lutron Palladiom Shades

Lutron Palladiom shades are an innovative window treatment solution that works well with any type of decor you may have. These shades can be either wired or wire-free with a powerful yet whisper-quiet motor for operation in your Smart home.


Streamlined Appearance For A Modern Look


These types of window shades are very streamlined in their appearance with clean and straight lines. It has aluminum brackets for mounting purposes that are hand polished to a very shiny look in a variety of different finishes, so you can have them blend in with any architectural style you may have in your home.


The exclusive Palladiom brackets for mounting enclose all the functional shade electronics for the wired models, including the LED indicator lights, and the programming buttons, so they are concealed from sight. When you need access to these controls, you simply rotate the ring on the bracket to have access to them.


Battery Management Technology At Its Best


The wire-free system of Lutron Palladiom shades works with Active Energy Optimization. It’s a battery management system that optimizes the efficiency of alkaline batteries for operation. The batteries will perform for three to five years with fewer batteries to operate the shades as the industry-leading battery optimization system.


Shading to Elevate the Beauty of Your Home


Enjoy your large expansive windows and the fantastic views outside. When you open the shades entirely, the Lutron system only occupies about 3 inches of space at the top of your window to give you wide and expansive views of the outside world.


Single shades can be up to 12 feet wide and 14 feet tall to fit most any size windows you have in your home with ease.


An Innovative Bottom Rail


The inventive Palladiom bottom rail adds to the minimalist features of this shading system. The bottom rail clamps onto the fabric of the shade no matter which thickness you choose, to make certain that it will always sit perfectly flat on the bottom of the shade fabric. There is a subtle curve on the hembar that is made to match the diameter of the roll at the top of the shade. When you open the shade fully, the hembar disappears into the open space behind the shade to be out of sight.


Shinning Mounting Hardware

Shinning Mounting Hardware

The mounting hardware for both the wired and the wire-free models of shades can be mounted on or above your window frame, and it displays the hand-finished surface. End brackets can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall. Some windows don’t have enough space at the top of the window for traditional shades to be mounted, but this is solved by the aesthetically pleasing end brackets. Screw covers conceal the screws in the mounting system to give it an even more streamlined appearance.


The center bracket is hand-finished to match the end brackets. Center brackets can be placed between two adjacent shades with only one bracket to increase the fluid design with a very minimal light gap between the two. The center brackets can also be mounted to the ceiling or the wall.


For a truly minimalist appearance that doesn’t distract from your decor style, you can choose a jamb bracket. It is designed to sit inside the window frame while extending the roller tube outward and to the wall. This gives the shade the appearance of floating in midair without mounting hardware in sight.


Choose From Several Different Colors


You have several choices in the fabric color to match your style and personality in Lutron Palladiom shades. Choose from pure white, black anodized, or clear anodized. The satin nickel and brass colors will coordinate with other objects in your spaces with the same type of finish on door hinges or doorknobs. Satin graphite is a grayish color, and opal white is an off-white color.


You can also choose the thickness of your fabric to be a sheer, translucent, or room-darkening fabric to customize your shading system to the amount of light you get in your indoor spaces.


Precision Control for Precise Lighting


You can program your shades in groups and scenes for your convenience. Group together shades that face one direction to close in the warmer part of the day to reduce heat gain, glare, and UV rays from entering your home for energy-efficient shades. You can set scenes in which your other Smart products operate in conjunction with your shading system.


Set your preset positions at any point between the open and close limits to adjust your blinds at any time of the day or night. The shades are very precise and speedy. They operate at 3.6 inches per second, and they stop within 1/3 inch of the preset positions that you program.


At Integrated Upright Systems, we are your premier window treatment specialist for luxury homes in the New England area. We are a Lutron Diamond Elite Dealer for home automation products to give you comfort, manage your lighting and give you flexibility, as well as energy efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a FREE in-home consultation and learn more about the innovative Lutron products.


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Bob Doolin

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