Get On A Roll With Roller Shades in New England

High-quality roller shades are very versatile window treatments. They are made of fabric to give you an almost unlimited supply of patterns, solid colors, fabric weights, styles, and embellishments from which to choose. Many homeowners and condo owners love roller shades because they are easy to customize and let your personality shine through.

Some homeowners and condominium owners in New England States may not be familiar with roller shades, and at times they are confused with another type of window treatment called a Roman shade. Custom roller shades in New England appear as a modern flat sheet of fabric when they are closed. When you open them, the fabrics roll up onto a spring-loaded cassette where the shade mounts at the top of your window casing.


When roller shades are completely open, you have a great unobstructed view out of your window except for a very small area at the very top of the window. Roman shades are also made of fabric, but when they are raised, they create neat and tidy folds at the top of the window, and they obstruct a lot more of your view outside, especially if your window is very tall.


Roller shades are child and pet-safe window treatments because the updated versions for your luxury or modern home have no dangling cords for anyone to get caught in them and cause harm to them. Instead, you merely grasp the bottom rail of your shade in the center and gently raise or lower it to any position you wish. You can open or close it entirely or adjust it, so it is partially open for more filtered sunlight.

Why Choose Custom Roller Shades?

Not everyone realizes it, but there is absolutely no standard size of windows. Big box stores and retail stores may sell roller shades, but they only handle a few different sizes that may not fit your windows correctly. If roller shades are not quite wide enough, sunlight will peek through on the sides of them and add extra heat to your home in the summer. Roller shades that aren’t long enough will have light streaming in at the bottom of your window. If your store-bought roller shade is too wide, it won’t fit inside the window frame properly, and if it is too long, you may end up with it sitting on the floor below your window.

Custom roller shades give you so many lovely options from which to choose. You can opt for clean and simple lines with a solid color shade in a neutral tone for a minimalist appearance. If you have a monochromatic living space, you can decide to use a bright window shade or one with a lively pattern in the fabric. 

You also add depth to your living areas with roller shades because you can choose different weights of fabrics for added depth and interest. 

Custom roller shades can be made in any type you desire. Let’s say that you absolutely fall in love with a lacey fabric that is just a perfect pastel color for a room. If you get a lot of sunlight in that window, the lacey pattern will let the sun’s hot beams in the summertime stream inside, and your area will heat up. This means you will need to use more energy to keep that space cool enough to be comfortable for you. With custom roller shades, you can still have your beloved lacey fabric, and we can add an insulated backing to it, so it looks the same and performs as an energy efficient window covering should.

You can also choose the opacity level of a roller shade to control your lighting. It can be light filtering to room darkening for bedrooms or anywhere in between the two.

Experienced manufacturers of custom roller shades can offer you many different choices in customization for your unique look. You may choose a solid neutral color and then add decorative fabric tape on the bottom, sides, or both of your roller shades. You may instead opt for a scalloped bottom to add interest in a window. You can even choose several solid colors in the same palette to have an ombre window shade.

6 Awesome Motorized Shades Benefits Here's Why Your Home or Condo Needs It

You can even choose to have your roller shades or blinds motorized for ease of use and operation. This option allows you to open and close them with the touch of a button on a remote control, or from any Smartphone with the help of an app. You don’t even need to be at home to operate your automated window treatments either. You can also program your motorized blinds and shades to open and close, either partially or fully at preset times. If you want to, you can override the programs just as easily as using them.

Window Treatments and Home Automation

The ultimate combination for modern homes is to add your window treatments and smart home automation system. This allows your motorized window treatments to operate along with all of your other Smart devices on your central hub for your Smart home. It can include many items such as appliances, your HVAC system, lighting, televisions, stereo surround sounds, doorbells, and your security system as well.

International Upright Systems is your most trusted supplier of custom window treatments and home automation in 7 New England states. All of our personnel are rigorously trained in technological advances so we can keep up to date with all of the new items available for our customers. We only offer the highest quality products, and we stand behind them as well as our services. Contact us today to upgrade your window treatments and integrate your home into a Smart home.

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