Protect Your Vehicles with Garage Awning

Your home and your vehicles are the most expensive items you purchase, so in turn, you want to protect all of them. Garage or carport awnings are beneficial to keep your vehicles out of the weather and protect them from the forces of nature including rain, wind, sleet, and snow. These shade solutions can benefit you from the protection of the elements in the summer, as shade solutions, and in the winter too. Find out about the different types of awnings for garages and carports.

You have several great benefits if you add covered parking to your property.

Safety From Weather and Burglar Protection

Having covered parking at your home is not only convenient, but it gives you safety against bad weather as well. Your vehicle is protected from rain, snow, sleet and hail, which can cause major damage to your cars and trucks. The sun’s hot UV rays won’t be shining down on your vehicle constantly, so the paint has sun protection to stay new looking for a much longer time without fading. Your garage has a roof, and it may also have walls, but it doesn’t have to be fully enclosed to reap the benefits it offers in weather protection. Having an awning or roof over your cars and trucks also deters burglars who try to find the easiest target possible, which is generally cars that are parked on the street.

Adding Additional Outdoor Space, and An Entertaining Area

You can add a sizable garage to your home to park your vehicles and other items such as a boat, snowmobile or a motorcycle. When you have a gathering at your house, you can remove the vehicles from your garage and use it for an entertainment area for outdoor living that is out of the hot sun in the summer for UV blocking capabilities and shade, as well as protection during rain showers.

Garages for Personal Protection

You can customize your garage awning’s style and design. It can be quite frustrating when you are leaving to go somewhere, and it’s raining. You need to unlock the door on your vehicle, and you get soaking wet in the process. With a roof over a garage, it keeps you from being in bad weather as much because you have overhead protection from the weather.

This works even better if you have a roof over a walkway that leads to an exterior door on your home. In this case, you don’t get wet when you are leaving your home or when you are coming home loaded down with groceries. Less rushing when the ground is wet or icy, will also help to save you from slipping and falling as well.

Extra Storage Space

Your garage can also provide you with extra storage space for tools and other items, so you don’t need to rent a storage unit. Not only do you have floor space, but if you have walls in the garage, you have a lot of lateral area to hang items from hooks, install shelves and use plastic utility tubs while keeping like items together for easy access. 

Garage wall systems may include pegboards to make everything streamlined, neat and tidy. You merely hang your shelves, baskets and other items on hooks that you can space as you please to keep items off the floor and out of the way when they are not in use.

You may instead opt for a garage storage system that is a combination of drawers and cabinets with shelves made of metal for a refined appearance to keep your items in.

Energy Efficiency

If you put your garage next to your home so that the roof shades your windows and doors as shade solutions, then you can increase the energy efficiency of your home. The awning or cover will keep hot sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering the windows and doors that are underneath it to keep your home cooler inside in the summer months and reduce the amount of electricity you need to be comfortable.

What Types of Awnings or Covers are Used for Garages?

Most of the time, awnings or roofs over a garage area are made of aluminum and are permanent structures. This gives you extra strength and a longer lifespan than fabric tops and sides, which eventually wear out. Other material options include motorized retractable awnings, which work well for a garage at a weekend home. When you aren’t there, you can close the awning to keep it out of the weather and extend the life of the fabric top. These come in different solid colors and stripes to match the exterior of your home. It only takes the touch of a button to for operation purposes to open and close your retractable awning to have protection for your vehicle or to have a shady area to relax outside in.

Installing a custom awning or roof over your garage gives you many benefits for yourself, your vehicles and your belongings. They help to protect the finish on your vehicles, protect you from the elements and give you extra space for storage or entertaining.

awning for garage

However you decide to customize your garage’s exterior, one thing is certain – you won’t be disappointed with the selection of stylish awnings from Integrated Upright Systems. With our high-quality materials and attention to detail, these products provide excellent value for their price tag. So don’t hesitate to browse our inventory today and find the perfect option that fits both your budget and needs.

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