Four Tips on Choosing Floor-to-Ceiling Window Treatments

What Are Floor-to-Ceiling Window Treatments?

Floor-to-ceiling window treatments cover unusually tall windows that require some innovative designs. Style and function blend seamlessly with these coverings in office buildings, high-rise apartments, and luxury homes alike. 

Below, the IUS experts provide four tips to help you sift through the countless floor-to-ceiling window treatment options for your residential or commercial property. If these four don’t fit your style or preferences, you can’t go wrong with custom window treatments by IUS.

Tips on Choosing Floor-to-Ceiling Window Coverings

#1 Focus on Precise Measurements

Floor-to-ceiling window blinds, shades, or drapes ought to cover a window in its entirety. Besides the aesthetic appeal, they must also provide proper light control and privacy. That’s why it is always best to work with a professional like IUS to determine your windows’ specific measurements.

Some window treatment options hew more closely to a window’s dimensions than others. Even still, it’s imperative to avoid shades that are too wide or narrow.

#2 Choose Between Motorized Drapery and Motorized Shades

Most floor-to-ceiling windows rely on drapes or shades. 

  • Drapes consist of long strands of fabric, typically light in color, that afford property owners a stellar blend of light control and aesthetic value. They’re clean and stylish and either move on a horizontal axis or from side to side.
  • Shades move from floor to ceiling. They come in many types, such as those for blocking out sunlight. Screen shades offer a uniquely transformative blend of privacy and style that you may wish to consider.

Modern motorization technology renders cords and manual controls things of the past. A simple wall switch or remote control grants you the power to control your property’s window treatments.

#3 Consider Material Type

Choosing the right material type for your window treatments may seem daunting. Prioritizing a blend of aesthetics and performance guarantees a well-rounded environment. Consider your space, as well: what type of material would be durable and stylistically consistent?

For example:

  • Woven shades possess a unique and eco-friendly look. They are perfect for environments with earthy or naturalistic hues. 
  • Traditional white shades look better in offices and apartment buildings. 
  • Drapery fabrics afford a greater degree of variety, so choosing between traditional, luxurious styles and a more laid-back look is up to you.

#4 Optimize Functionality

Functionality: it may not amaze guests, but it greatly affects how you feel about your window treatments overall. Automation improves functionality considerably, and programming modern systems to open and close window coverings depending on the time of day may even save money. Cordless automation also makes the space safer for children and pets.

Contact Boston’s Best Choice for Window Treatments

IUS serves Boston as one of the finest suppliers of floor-to-ceiling window treatments. We have years of experience helping residential and commercial property owners choose the right treatments, with a special focus on customer satisfaction. Contact us at (781) 767-4022 today to learn more about mid-century modern window treatments and the many other options from our inventory.

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