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Technology has reached every corner of our homes, including our windows. Smart blinds have become an energy-efficient solution for residential and commercial properties, blending beauty and function seamlessly.

Read on to learn more about smart blinds. We’ll also tell you our top picks for the best smart blinds in 2022.

Smart window blinds are motorized blinds that you can raise or lower based on programmed schedules. Some people refer to smart blinds as “automated blinds” or “smart shades.”

How Do Smart Blinds Work?

Smart motorized blinds include programming that you can integrate with many smart home systems or virtual assistants. Therefore, you can schedule the window blinds’ automation throughout the day. You can also control the smart blinds with voice commands.

Some smart blinds have light sensors, triggering them to raise or lower depending on the exterior lighting.

Though not standardized, smart blinds share these characteristics:

You can purchase smart blinds as a complete set. Alternatively, you can buy an automation kit to turn your existing blinds into smart blinds.

The Benefits

You might want to install automated blinds in your home for numerous reasons. For most people, they choose smart blinds for convenience and energy savings.


You can adjust smart blinds without lifting a finger. As a result, smart blinds are especially useful for people with limited mobility since they can control them.

Energy Savings

You can program smart blinds to change position throughout the day, controlling the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your home. As a result, your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard to regulate your home’s interior temperature.

Built-in light sensors also help control the motorized blinds. This feature allows you to use natural light instead of turning on indoor lights. Overall, smart blinds allow you to save yourself a lot of energy and money year-round.


Be cautious when shopping for the best smart blinds for your home. You will find many low-quality motorized blinds out there.

Below are some of the best smart motorized blinds available in 2022 for your home.

Best Brand: Serena by Lutron

Lutron has some of the best smart motorized blinds on the market, especially in their diverse Serena line. These shades and blinds look great while working efficiently. They are also compatible with all smart-home platforms and virtual assistants.

The battery-powered Motorized Room Darkening Roller Shades feature a convenient remote control. A mobile device can also control them. Furthermore, these blackout shades can keep all light out.

Another top choice is Lutron Serena Smart Wood Blinds, which adapt to the position of the sun as it moves. Therefore, you do not have to adjust them to regulate the light.

Other Top Brands

SmarterHome MySmartRollerShades

These smart blinds offer fewer fabric and style options. Yet, they are still a good option if you do not need deep smart-home capabilities.

All SmarterHome shades are the same price, regardless of style or size. These shades also have a rechargeable battery that uses an included solar panel.

Graber Motorized Shades

These shades offer a lot of flexibility, including multiple power options and remote control options. They also feature various styles and designs to suit your needs.

IKEA Fyrtur

These smart motorized shades are inexpensive with limited sizes and look. These budget-friendly blinds are a great pick if you like exposed hardware and an industrial look. The durable battery can last up to six months without a recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Blinds

How are smart blinds installed?

You can install smart blinds as a single unit. In addition, you may purchase an automation kit to adapt your current window blinds or shades.

How much do smart blinds cost?

The upfront cost of installing smart blinds is fairly high. However, you will benefit from long-term savings by adding smart blinds to your home. Smart blinds can save you considerable money on your energy bills.

How do I turn my blinds into smart blinds?

You can adapt your window coverings to smart blinds or shades by purchasing and installing an automation kit. This kit includes a motor and all the components needed to convert your existing blinds.

Which blinds and shades are compatible with Somfy?

The Somfy motor is compatible with roller shades, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman shades, pleated shades, and draperies.

Learn More about Smart Blinds

IUS is the regional leader in luxury window treatment installation and Smart Home Automation services. Lutron has recognized us as a Diamond Elite Dealer in the region. Serving customers throughout the New England states, IUS can advise you on the best smart blinds for your home.

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