Best 9 Benefits of Window Treatments and Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation has exploded wildly over the past few years. Many homeowners insist on it in their new homes, and others are all too happy to add it to their homes when they are doing renovations to update their living spaces. Installing smart home automation is convenient, and it gives you a more energy-efficient home, as well as added security. Read on to learn about the benefits of Smart home automation

The addition of Smart home technology makes your life much easier to manage your home, and you can customize it in the way you want. More and more products are on the market as technology increases the compatible items you can add to your own system.

Smart home integrators are interior designers with the knowledge of how to give you technological advances in your home or condo without sacrificing any of your style or design. Your television or surround sound system can be stored inside of an enclosure and use an automated lift for them to rise upward when you want to use them. Another newer item in home automation is a Smart mirror, which can give you beauty tips, search the web for you and play music.

#2. Supplying You With Peace of Mind

Automated homes can give you peace of mind too. We’ve all left the house to go somewhere and then started wondering while driving if we left the oven on or turned it off. Maybe you aren’t sure if you locked the door behind you when you left. You only need to open the app for your Smart home and check these items to see if you need to lock the door or turn the oven off.

You can also add Smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to your home. These will program into your system and give you light to see to get out of your home in heavy smoke, and they can also keep from distributing the smoke throughout other rooms in your home with your HVAC unit.

#3. The Ultimate in Energy Efficiency

Smart homes are very energy efficient because any item that uses energy doesn’t need to be on while you are away from home running errands all day, or at work. Smart thermostats can turn your temperature in your home to a more frugal setting and then be adjusted to return to the temperature that makes you more comfortable before you arrive back home. There is no need to use a lot of air conditioning or heating when no one is at home.

#4. Customize Your Home with Scenes

You can create a scene or program to do different items all at once, such as turn the television on and close your window treatments with motorized blinds and shades so that there is no glare on the screen. You can also set mood lighting and music for any occasion, and all of your scenes can be voice-activated for ease of use.

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#5. Savings on Your Home Insurance

Many home insurance companies offer you discounts on your premiums for having a Smart home. This is because they see your home as being safer than an average home, and they know you can check on it remotely to make sure everything is okay with no fires or water leaks.

#6. Caring For Pets, Children, and The Elderly

You can benefit from having automatic pet feeders so your pets can be served their meals at the right times and amounts when you are away. Installing Smart cameras inside your home allows you to check up on your children who are home alone and any elderly relatives that happen to live with you as well.

#7. Increasing Your Home or Condo's Value

If you should ever want to sell your Smart home or condo in the future, you will be pleasantly surprised that the addition of Smart products increases the value of your home. It’s also a worthwhile investment because when someone is shopping for a new home or condo, they will remember which ones they looked at that had automation in them.

#8. Let Your Home Work For You

The convenience of your Smart home is unsurpassed. You can have your oven preheat itself before you get home or have fresh, aromatic coffee ready when you wake up. This is a great time-saving convenience for many different items when you realize you can operate your entire home from your Smartphone with the sound of your voice to Alexa or Google assistant.

#9. Safe and Secure

Your home security system ties into your Smart home hub as well. You can have cameras at the front door, unlock the door for someone remotely and see them on cameras inside your home. Then when they leave, you can lock the door behind them to keep your home safe and secure. Many security systems include lighting outside your home, so you can see and to keep intruders at bay.

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At International Upright Systems, we have highly experienced technicians to upgrade your home to a Smart home. We are a high-end residential provider of window treatments and smart home automation for all of your needs. We can help you to bring your home into the modern world of technology so you can reap all the benefits of controls and home automation. Call us today for an appointment to find out exactly what a Smart home can do for you and about our window treatment services.

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