Benefits of Retractable Screens During Winter

It’s no secret that patios and decks are great home additions. Unfortunately, when the winter settles in, most of us close those areas until the weather warms up. However, more people every year are turning to retractable screens to keep their outdoor spaces active year-round.

Many people remain skeptical about how much retractable screens can offer in the face of the Northeast’s harsh winter months. Even though minimizing the effects of the year’s coldest months is a tall task, it’s nothing that a high-quality outdoor screen can’t handle.

Below, we will look at some of the winter-specific and year-round benefits retractable screens provide homeowners and where you can find the best outdoor screen installation in your area.

Weather Element Protection

Winter rain, snow, and frigid winds replace clear skies and warm temperatures, suddenly draining much of the appeal from your outdoor spaces. Decks and patios are designed for fun and relaxation; however, outdoor enjoyment is impossible when being pelted by a rainstorm or engulfed in below-freezing temperatures.

When you install retractable screens for your patio or deck, you’ll be able to block those inclement weather conditions and use your outdoor spaces year-round.

Rain and snow won’t touch you with a durable screen. Not even powerful airflow will be able to breakthrough. Therefore, you will stay warm and protect your outdoor space from the harmful effects of abundant moisture.

Minimizes Glare and Harm from UV Rays

Just because the temperature drops in the winter months doesn’t mean the sun completely goes away. In fact, sunshine becomes even more prominent after a massive snowfall since it reflects off the brilliant white snow and back toward our decks and patios.

Retractable solar screens will eliminate all sun glare, even in the winter when it’s at its worst. Additionally, when you install a retractable screen on your deck or patio, you’ll have an extra layer of protection against the sun’s UV rays, which may cause sunburn and even skin cancer with extreme exposure.

Energy Savings

Retractable screens will save you money in the long run, thanks to their insulation and temperature control benefits. Without snow or cold winds interfering in your outdoor areas, you will stay warm even on the coldest days of the year. With that temperature boost, you won’t need to rely on a space heater to warm you up, thus dropping your electric bill as a result.

You will have even more temperature benefits when you integrate motorized screens into your outdoor space. Motorized retractable screens open and close as much as you want at the push of a button.  A motorized screen will enable you to do so quickly, whether you wish to allow a draft of cold air to freshen up a room or shut it off completely.

Increased Privacy

Many retractable screens have a dark tint to increase their UV ray-blocking benefits. This tint provides the added benefit of increased privacy as well.

If your outdoor space overlooks a road or other public area, installing a retractable screen will keep passersby from disrupting your relaxing time outside. Just because onlookers can’t see you through a retractable screen doesn’t mean it will obstruct your view of the outdoors.

Most retractable screens are high-quality mesh, similar to a screen door. The most significant difference between a retractable screen and a screen door is that the former is designed to keep your view intact while offering protection from the opposite side.

Visual Enhancements for Your Outdoor Living Space

Retractable screens are modern and sleek in design, and at IUS, they come in several fabrics, colors, and styles. With all the options our team offers, you can find an outdoor screen that offers all the practical benefits of privacy and temperature control while also finding a tool that perfectly complements your outdoor spaces.

In Conclusion

With their temperature control, element protection, and energy savings benefits, retractable screens are the best way to keep your outdoor areas in use in the winter. At IUS, you can find a wide selection of the highest-quality retractable screens, all professionally installed at a competitive price.

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