6 Reasons Blackout Roman Shades Are Ideal for Nurseries

Raising a baby into an adult presents many challenges. However, you’ll also experience many thrills and joys that you can’t replace along the way. One of these thrills is designing the perfect nursery room, which you can use blackout roman shades to enhance. 

It’s easy to overlook a nursery room’s windows since you typically focus on other features like your baby’s crib. However, windows play a vital role in ushering in the fresh air and natural light. 

While bare windows keep a nursery fresh and bright, you’ll also need shades or curtains to control light, especially when the baby needs to sleep. Below are six reasons why Roman blackout shades are ideal for nursery rooms

Roman blackout shades are quickly becoming the top choice for nursery rooms, as they offer unparalleled benefits. Here are the top 6 reasons.

1. Excellent at Blocking Light

Bare windows provide a nursery with plenty of fresh air and natural light; however, your new bundle of joy will also need plenty of sleep. Most newborns will sleep between 14 to 18 hours a day. This number drops as they age, but even toddlers need ten to 12 hours of sleep. 

Unlike adults, babies also don’t sleep for long periods. Instead of sleeping 12 or more hours at once, they often sleep in intervals of two to three hours. Of course, this means your baby will take naps throughout the day. 

Even a tiny squint of sunlight can disturb your baby’s sleep. Blackout roman shades can block out any light—natural or artificial. A completely dark room provides the best place to rest for your newborn. 

2. Can Dampen Disturbing Noises

Getting a baby to sleep takes a lot of time and effort for many parents. This process can take hours, and outside noise can quickly wake your baby again and make them cry. 

Besides blocking out sunlight, blackout roman shades can also reduce outside noises. For example, you don’t want to set your baby down for a nap only for a barking dog or noisy lawnmower to wake them. 

As adults, we’re used to dealing with noisy environments. However, babies’ ears are highly susceptible to loud sounds. Most experts recommend not exposing babies to 60 decibels or louder sounds, as these sounds can damage your baby’s hearing. 

Blackout Roman Shades for Babies Room

3. Better Insulation

Your custom window treatments in Boston, MA, should include blackout roman shades for your nursery for better insulation. We all sleep better in a comfortable, well-insulated room. A too-cold or overheated room can quickly impact our sleep, leaving us groggy the next day. 

Adults can adjust to uncomfortable sleeping environments, but babies will quickly lose out on quality sleep. Poor-quality sleep can significantly impact your baby’s health. Black roman shades’ thick fabric eliminates excess heat, making a nursery more comfortable. 

In addition, these shades are also highly energy-efficient. As such, you can keep your baby safe and healthy while reducing monthly energy bills

4. Better Privacy

Blackout roman shades also keep peering eyes away from your nursery. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, knowing no one can easily look into your nursery from outside can provide peace of mind. You can put your baby down for a nap, confident that they’re well-protected. 


5. Various Lift Choices

Your blackout shades can come with the traditional cord control option for raising and lowering fabric. However, babies are curious and may try to play with the cords if they are close enough. To prevent this, you can opt for cordless or motorized shades.

With motorized shades, you can easily control them via an app on your smartphone or remote control.

Safety and security are the main appeals behind using motorized shades. However, they also provide easy access, so you can control them when and wherever is most convenient. 

6. Personalization Options

Blackout roman shades come in many color schemes. You can choose bright colors like greens, pinks, reds, and blues while personalizing further with beautiful patterns or cute cartoon characters.

You can even work with interior designers that specialize in nurseries. 

Customize Your Nursery Today with IUS

The proper nursery set-up can significantly improve your baby’s physical and mental health. At International Upright Services, we are a regional leader in window treatments and Smart home automation. For over 15 years, we’ve been providing our expert services to residential and commercial clients. 

Boston, MA, residents can discover the many benefits of blackout roman shades and roller shades by reaching out today.

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