6 Benefits of Motorized Shades for Your Home

Window treatments have come a long way over the years. Modern versions include motorized shades for your home or condo. Custom window treatments, including automation can tie into your existing Smart home for ease of operation.

Boston motorized shades give you a long list of benefits for your home or condo such as:

· Safety

· Convenience

· Security

· Energy efficiency

· Furniture and floor protection

· Maximizes your space

1. Increased Safety Features

Modern shades that are motorized are very safe to install in your home or condo. They have no dangling cords for small children or pets to get tangled in and be hurt. You also don’t need to see messy cords that hang off your window treatments. The motors lift and lower your shades for you and there is no need to keep readjusting the shade as you sometimes need to in manually operated shades to get them even horizontally on both ends.


The motor does it all for you to keep them perfectly horizontal, no matter if they are raised entirely so you can see out of your windows with an unobstructed view, or if they are entirely closed to keep the hot summer sun out of your home. You can also adjust your motorized shades to stop at any other point in between being all the way open or closed.

2. Smart Home Convenience

You only need to press a button on a remote control mounted on your wall, a handheld remote control, or any internet-connected device to operate your window shades with an app. The app is very simple to use and we can even pair a device with your home assistants, such as Alexa or your Google assistant to use voice control to operate your motorized shades.


Homeowners in Boston, absolutely love the convenience of motorized window shades because it also saves them time from physically walking to each window to open and close or adjust window coverings to cut off the glare of the sun on your screens, and to block the heat from entering your home.

3. An Added Layer of Security

If your condo is downstairs, or if you live in a home, you will be happy to know that your automated shades give you an added layer of security. It’s a well-known fact that thieves usually break into your higher-end homes if they can see inside of your windows and see items that they can sell easily, such as surround sound systems and large televisions.

When you program your shades to close whenever you leave your home, no one can see inside your windows. Also, in the evenings, when your window treatments are closed, no one can see you inside, and you get total privacy. Automated programs are a great idea, so you don’t forget to close your window coverings.

Best 9 Benefits of Window Treatments and Smart Home Automation

4. Energy Efficiency at Its Best

No one likes overpaying for energy bills to keep their home comfortable inside. Programming your Smart shades to close in the warmest part of the day will keep the hot UV sun rays from beaming inside your condo or home, and it will lessen your need to use energy to cool your home in the hot summers in Boston.

You can pair this scene with adjusting your Smart thermostat to a bit higher of a setting when you are away from your home in the afternoons to save even more energy and tie in the lights in your home to be off when you are away as well. If you ever want to override your programs on your Smart motorized shades, you can do this easily on your Smartphone even if you are not at home. Now that’s real convenience!

5. Furniture and Floor Protection

When closed, automated window treatments in Boston help to protect your furniture and flooring from the bright sunlight. If the sun is beaming in your windows and magnifying its intensity, then it will cause your furniture and flooring to fade and lose their charm. Motorized shades on a program can prevent the hot sun from coming into your home to make your furniture, flooring, and all other textiles, such as your artwork, last much longer without harming them.

6. Maximizes Your Space

Condo owners and homeowners alike enjoy the ease of using their motorized window shades. Many times there are very tall windows in your modern homes to let the sunlight inside. These very tall or large windows can pose a problem when you want to open or close the window treatments because you can’t reach them. Sometimes furniture is in front of a window, and it’s hard to reach to adjust the window coverings, or you may have a skylight as well.

Motorized shades solve all of these problems because you don’t need a ladder to adjust any of your window coverings–and window treatments are meant to be able to open and close, so they are functional. Older Bostonians or people with limited mobility also love the automated design in their shades. They no longer have to worry about the task of adjusting their window treatments on a daily basis.

Your Trusted Source for Motorized Window Treatments

Luckily, International Upright Systems is here to help you for your installation of your motorized shades in your home or condo in Boston 

We are the regional leader for luxury living areas for Smart Home Automation as well as motorized window shades and window treatment servicesWe are a second-generation family-owned and operated business that prides itself on always being accessible to our clients. We have four offices that cover six New England states, and we are here to serve you. 

Contact us to learn more about making your life more convenient with automated window treatments today!

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